June 10, 2019 at 03:27PM

RepostBy @elicaterereli: “My guitar project is coming along. With the assistance of Kriss Bataille, I swapped out the tuners with a set I had swapped out from a mid 90s MIM 70s reissue Fender telecaster. After a fresh set of strings and bridge adjustment this 6 stringer is playable for the first time since it was gifted to me some 14 years ago, I think from Jason Flax during my tenure as bass player in @colossaltheband. #kent #kentguitar #kentamericana #vintageguitar #vintagehollowbody #hollowbodyguitar #guitar #guitars #sunburst”
#guyatone @guyatonehttps://http://bit.ly/2I6idZX

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